Beyond the Exposure: 6 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Work for Your Brand

Considering influencer marketing for your brand? Here are six reasons it might be a smart addition to your marketing plan.

Influencer marketing – enlisting celebrities, social media personalities, and/or industry experts to share content about your brand – can be a powerful way to gain relatively quick brand exposure. But influencer marketing isn’t only about that initial spotlight. If you look a little deeper, we see six benefits to influencer marketing that go beyond just bringing your brand to the attention of new audiences:

  • Establish brand trust and demonstrate domain authority.
  • By deciding to associate their personal brands with yours, influencers effectively grant your brand their seal of approval, deeming it worthy for their followers to engage with. This infusion of credibility by association is often extremely valuable for molding a leadership position in your industry, and in building trust with potential customers. These benefits are even more pronounced in the realm of niche marketing, where the nod of the right authoritative influencer can really deliver an outsized impact.

  • Drive purchases.
  • Enlisting influencers to promote your brand doesn't just produce empty talk. They're called influencers for a reason, and those mentions can help drive revenue. Followers of digital tastemakers genuinely look to them for trusted advice on products and services. In fact, a study by Twitter and Annalect found that followers trust influencers as much as their own friends, with about 40 percent of followers reporting having made a purchase because they saw an influencer use or promote the brand in question. Meanwhile, a Bluecore study found that 85 percent of Gen Z uses social media to learn about new products. Influencer marketing goes well beyond generating awareness; when done right, it can impact sales.

  • Engage via advertising that your targeted audience wants to see.
  • Generally speaking, the more relevant a digital ad is to its audience, the better that ad will perform. Building a campaign around an influencer known and followed by your target market can create a much more impactful and memorable presence than an ad that's solely about your company and its latest offering. Leveraging influencers in your ads is another way to help build trust and brand preference.

  • Meet audiences where they already spend their time.
  • We now spend about two hours a day on social media (with teenagers spending upwards of nine hours daily). And with these numbers continuing to rise, influencers are only becoming more, well, influential. Brands that make influencer marketing a priority are both meeting audiences where those audiences are already choosing to be for a hearty chunk of the day, and strongly positioned given the growth trends of social behavior.

  • Achieve exceptional returns on investment.
  • Influencer marketing has proven itself capable of delivering stunning results from a cost-benefit perspective. A Burst Media survey discovered that the average influencer marketing program achieved $6.85 in earned media value for each $1 spent. Given this substantial potential return, thoughtful investments into influencer marketing can really deliver worthwhile dividends.

  • Take advantage of limitless social sharing.
  • The incredible ROI potential of influencer marketing campaigns is derived from the fact that, unlike most other paid advertising, the possible audience reach on social can be unlimited. Rather than paying for clicks or impressions, once the campaign content is available it can be spread by any and every audience member who finds it compelling.